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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Map of Russia
Leader of Bolsheviks
Take-Over of Russia
Dictorial Rule of Russia
How Lenin Took a Stand


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A complete look at the life and accomplishments of Lenin. Also had pictures.

"Vladimir Ilich Lenin." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2005 1 March 2006


Accurate facts about Lenin. Factual events from his birth to his death. Direct quotes by Lenin.

Kautsky, Karl. Epitaph of Lenin. 1924

Shows the great things Lenin did. Summarizes his entire political career.

Lenin, Vladimir. Essential Works of Lenin "What is to be Done?" and Other Writings. Dover

Publications. 1 May 1987.

Direct works Lenin wrote during his time. Used for quotes.

Zevin, Vladimir. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Life and Works. Novosti Pree Agency Pub. House. 1977

Information on the background of Lenin and his time leading the Bolsheviks. Also gave a list of the works he wrote.

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Summarized biography of Lenin’s life. Gives details of the part of his life as a politician.

Krupskaya, N.K. Memories of Lenin. 1930

Written by Lenin’s wife, this book covers Lenin the person, not the politician. Good insight to the work ethics of Lenin.


Russian Revolutionary