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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Map of Russia
Leader of Bolsheviks
Take-Over of Russia
Dictorial Rule of Russia
How Lenin Took a Stand

Leader of Bolsheviks

Lenin led his Bolshevik party against the Russian government and took control.


The Bolsheviks

Lenin led the Bolshevik party in 1903. The Bolsheviks stood strongly against the traditional rule of Russia. They had a very socialistic outlook. Most of what they believed was derived from the beliefs of Karl Marx and Marxism.
The Bolsheviks were one of two political socialistparties in Russia, the other was the Mensheviks. Obviously, the Bolsheviks were the more revolutionary group. The Bolsheviks were offered help in their revolution by the Germans in hope to dissolve Russia's involvement in the war. The Germans offered financial help for the Bolsheviks. This helped lead to a Bolshevik take-over in Russia.


Russian Revolutionary